To start generating an evoucher, create an account and ask the carriers for the payment method that you prefer.

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Request payment method authorization
Request authorization from the carrier for the payment method you will use to settle the redeemed evouchers.
Import and manage the list of beneficiaries
Import the list of beneficiaries from Excel and manage the names and the contributions.
You can add beneficiaries manually or via API.
Send the evouchers to the beneficiaries
Define the characteristics of the evouchers and send them to the list of beneficiaries.
Beneficiaries receive evouchers in the app with all the instructions for redemption.
  • Maximum amount
  • Expiration date
  • Single or multi redemption
  • Restrictions on the area of origin and destination
  • Restrictions on the type of subscription
Monitor redeemed evouchers
Monitor the list of redeemed evouchers, the details and the total amount of redemptions to be paid to the carriers.


Download the APP to receive evouchers and then follow the instructions to easily convert them into transport services.

Register the Gonvert APP
To register the APP, you will need to use the email address on which you received the notification of receipt of the evoucher and then you can find the evoucher that was sent.
Convert the evoucher
To convert the evoucher, you will need to open the details and then you will find the code to use in the Carrier sales channels, clearly indicated in the instructions.
Check the evoucher
Access the list and check its value, expiration, redemptions, restrictions and balance for each evoucher.


With the integration of the Gonvert API, the Carrier can quickly start to accept the evouchers through the website or other channels.

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Integration with sales channels
Use the Gonvert API to accept evouchers in your sales channels, both for ticketing and subscriptions and for charging smart cards.
Accept the payment method
Accept the authorization request for the payment method presented by the Issuer and start converting the evouchers into transport services.


Liquidation of redeemed evouchers
Generate the report for periodic settlement or monitor payments related to redemption of evouchers.